Case Study - Ansible at Scale

One of the initial use cases Concord was created to support, is the execution of Ansible playbooks at Walmart.

Numerous success stories at Walmart have proven Concord to be a first class tool for Ansible users.

Following are some characteristics:

  • Large scale usage for Walmart Pharmacy, Optical, and Tire and Lube Express
  • Approximately scaled to 3000 to over 5000 stores for each scenario
  • Each store contains up to a dozen endpoints
  • Endpoints are a mixture of Linux, Windows server and Windows workstation installations
  • All endpoints are controlled by playbooks with a lot of shared configuration
  • Runs hit between 5k and 65k endpoints each time
  • Runs are performed for regular release cycles up to multiple times a week
  • Successfully replaced numerous proprietary and legacy applications
  • Less than 1% failure rate, down significantly from prior systems
  • Large gains in speed of execution factor 10x and better