Case Study - Managed Services

Numerous teams as Walmart use Concord to provide user an easy automated provisioning for Managed Services. These Managed Service typically are a complex, large scale deployment of a cloud application backing service such as a relational database cluster, a NoSQL database clusters, file caching systems and others.

The deployments are provided by expert teams that own the managed service and take care of the complex management, scaling, HA/DR and other requirements for the users. Users can simply focus on their application and treat the managed service as a backing service.

Concord supports the full provisioning and deployment with a simple declaration to support a number of tasks for the workflow execution:

  • User requests managed service with a Concord form allowing for specific configuration
  • Slack and email notification throughout the process
  • JIRA ticket creation and updates
  • Cloud application deployment created in OneOps PaaS or K8s deployment
  • Application configuration is customized and applied
  • Application deployed and started
  • Metrics and more is all hooked up automatically by Concord
  • Requestor updated with access details in JIRA ticket

The implementation of a Concord-based workflow has tremendously cut down on error rates of the provisioning, greatly improved the user experience and created a high demand for further managed services. In turn, this has led development teams to use more backing services, allowing them to innovate faster on their core application, leaving the backing service complexities to our experts.