Case Study - Continuous Deployment

Concord is the tool of choice for most continuous deployment needs at Walmart. Rich, powerful pipelines with numerous features are implemented by DevOps teams across the organization.

A simple example flow could be a multi-stage zero downtime deployment of a cloud application:

  • Looper CI builds new release binary
  • Concord flow is kicked off
  • Deployment to QA environment
  • Run of a number of tests and verifications on QA
  • Slack and email notification to release approvers
  • Concord form requires sign in and is used as final manual release gate
  • Concord manages zero downtime deployment to production
    • Status changes of multiple clouds
    • Controlled release roll out to clouds
    • Automated smoke test verification
  • Final success notifications

Numerous projects at Walmart use this with different deployment cloud platforms including usage of OneOps, Ansible and k8s.