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The CLI tool supports “linting” of Concord YAML files. It can validate the syntax of flows and expressions without actually running them.

concord lint [-v] [target dir]

The lint command parses and validates Concord YAML files located in the current directory or directory specified as an argument. It allows to quickly verify if the DSL syntax and the syntax of expressions are correct.

Currently, it is not possible to verify whether the tasks are correctly called and/or their parameter types are correct. It is also does not take dynamically imported resources into account.

For example, the following concord.ymlis missing a closing bracket in the playbook expression.

    - task: ansible
        playbook: "${myPlaybookName"    # forgot to close the bracket

Running concord lint produces:

$ concord lint
ERROR: @ [/home/ibodrov/tmp/lint/test/concord.yml] line: 3, col: 13
        Invalid expression in task arguments: "${myPlaybookName" in IN VariableMapping [source=null, sourceExpression=null, sourceValue=${myPlaybookName, target=playbook, interpolateValue=true] Encountered "<EOF>" at line 1, column 16.Was expecting one of: "}" ... "." ... "[" ... ";" ... ">" ... "gt" ... "<" ... "lt" ... ">=" ... "ge" ... "<=" ... "le" ... "==" ... "eq" ... "!=" ... "ne" ... "&&" ... "and" ... "||" ... "or" ... "*" ... "+" ... "-" ... "?" ... "/" ... "div" ... "%" ... "mod" ... "+=" ... "=" ... 

  profiles: 0
  flows: 1
  forms: 0
  triggers: 0
  (not counting dynamically imported resources)

Result: 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)


The linting feature is in very early development, more validation rules are added in future releases.

Running Flows Locally

Note: this feature supports only concord-v2 flows. The CLI tool forces the runtime parameter value to concord-v2.

The CLI tool can run Concord flows locally:

# concord.yml
    - log: "Hello!"
$ concord run
21:23:45.951 [main] Hello!

By default, concord run copies all files in the current directory into a $PWD/target directory – similarly to Maven.

The concord run command doesn’t use a Concord Server, the flow execution is purely local. However, if the flow uses external dependencies or imports a working network connection might be required.