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Taurus Task

Taurus is an automation-friendly framework for continuous testing. Concord supports executing Taurus tests as a part of any flow using taurus task.


To be able to use the task in a Concord flow, it must be added as a dependency:

  - mvn://com.walmartlabs.concord.plugins:taurus-task:1.49.0

Running Tests

The taurus task uses a number of input parameters

  • action: required, the name of the operation to perform;
  • configs: required, list of configuration file(s) or configuration objects consumed by the taurus tool as input. More details in the configuration files section;
  • ignoreErrors: boolean value, if true any errors that occur during the execution are ignored and stored in the result variable. Defaults to false;
  • quiet: boolean value, if true only errors and warnings printed to console. Defaults to false. Can not be used, if verbose set to true;
  • verbose: boolean value, if true prints all logging messages to console. Defaults to false. Cannot be used if quiet set to true
  • proxy: string value, used for Taurus-based requests.
  • downloadPlugins: boolean value, defaults to false and completely offline work. If true tries to download JMeter plugins at runtime.

The following example performs a run action with Taurus using the test.yml configuration file:

  - task: taurus
      action: run
        - test.yml
    out: result
  - log: "Taurus output: ${result.stdout}"

In addition to common task result fields, the taurus task returns:

  • code - number, Taurus execution’s exit code
  • stdout - string, Taurus execution’s standard output
  • stderr - string, Taurus execution’s error output

Configuration Files

The plugin supports mixing and matching configuration files and inline configuration definitions:

    someVar: "someValue"

  - task: taurus
      action: run
        - a.yml
        - b.yml
        - scenarios:
                someVar: ${someVar} # example of using a flow variable

The inline configuration definitions will be saved as YAML files in a temporary directly. Taurus automatically merges all input configurations.

Expressions can be used in any input parameter including the inline configuration definitions.