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Packer Task

Concord supports interaction with the infrastructure tool Packer with the packer task as part of any flow.


To be able to use the task in a Concord flow, it must be added as a dependency:

  - mvn://com.walmartlabs.concord.plugins:packer-task:1.49.0

This adds the task to the classpath and allows you to invoke it in any flow.

The task requires the process to run as a part of a Concord project.

Building Images

The build command executes packer build in the process’ working directory:

- task: packer
    command: build
    template: packer.json


  • version - string value, version of Packer to use;
  • url - string value, url of the Packer binary to use;
  • debug - boolean value, if true the plugin logs additional debug information;
  • force - boolean value, force a build to continue if artifacts exist, deletes existing artifacts;
  • except - string list, run all builds and post-processors other than these;
  • only - string list; build only the specified builds;
  • onError - string value, if the build fails do: cleanup or abort;
  • parallel - boolean value, if false disable parallelization;
  • parallelBuilds - int value, number of builds to run in parallel. 0 means no limit (default: 0);
  • varFile - string value, JSON file containing user variables;
  • template - string value, Packer template to use for building;
  • extraVars - key value pairs, variables provided to the packer process.

Input Variables

Input variables can be specified using the extraVars parameter:

- task: packer
    command: build
      aVar: "someValue"
        x: 123

The extraVars parameter expects regular java.util.Map<String, Object> objects and supports all JSON-compatible data structures (nested objects, lists, etc).

Specifying extraVars is an equivalent of running packer build -var-file=/path/to/file.json.

Environment Variables

OS-level environment variables can be specified using envars parameter:

- task: packer
    command: build
      VERSION: 1.0
      NAME: Concord

External Variable Files

Paths to an external files with variables can be added to plan or apply actions using varFiles parameter:

- task: packer
    command: build
      - "path/to/my-vars.json"
      - "another/path/to/other/vars.json"

Paths must be relative to the current process’ ${workDir}.