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Projects are a way to organize processes and their configuration. Projects can be created using the API or using Console.


Project-level configuration provides a way to specify configuration for all processes executed in the context of the project.

For example, to specify a common default argument for all project processes:

$ curl -ikn -X PUT -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{"arguments": {"name": "me"}}' \

All processes using the name variable get the default value:

    - log: "Hello, ${name}"
$ curl -ikn -F org=MyOrg -F project=MyProject -F [email protected] \
10:42:00 [INFO ] c.w.concord.plugins.log.LoggingTask - Hello, me

Processes can override project defaults by providing their own values for the variable in the configuration object or in the request parameters.

See the API documentation for more details on how to work with project configurations.