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Resources such as flows, forms and other workflow files can be shared between Concord projects by using imports.

How it works:

  • when the process is submitted, Concord reads the root concord.yml file and looks for the imports declaration;
  • all imports are processed in the order of their declaration;
  • git repositories are cloned and their path directories are copied into the dest directory of the process working directory;
  • mvn artifacts are downloaded and extracted into the dest directory;
  • any existing files in target directories are overwritten;
  • the processes continues. Any imported resources placed into concord, flows, profiles and forms directories will be loaded as usual.

For example:

  - git:
      url: "https://github.com/walmartlabs/concord.git"
      path: "examples/hello_world"

    name: "you"

Running the above example produces a Hello, you! log message.

The full syntax for imports is:

  - type:
  - type:

Note, that imports is a top-level objects, similar to configuration. In addition, only the main YAML file’s, the root concord.yml, imports are allowed.

Types of imports and their parameters:

  • git - imports remote git repositories:
    • url - URL of the repository, either http(s) or git@;
    • name - the organization and repository names, e.g. walmartlabs/concord. Automatically expanded into the full URL based on the server’s configuration. Mutually exclusive with url;
    • version - (optional) branch, tag or a commit ID to use. Default master;
    • path - (optional) path in the repository to use as the source directory;
    • dest - (optional) path in the process’ working directory to use as the destination directory. Defaults to the process workspace ./concord/;
    • exclude - (optional) list of regular expression patterns to exclude some files when importing;
    • secret - reference to KEY_PAIR or a USERNAME_PASSWORD secret. Must be a non-password protected secret;
  • mvn - imports a Maven artifact:
    • url - the Artifact’s URL, in the format of mvn://groupId:artifactId:version. Only JAR and ZIP archives are supported;
    • dest - (optional) path in the process’ working directory to use as the destination directory. Default ./concord/.

The secret reference has the following syntax:

  • org - (optional) name of the secret’s org. Uses the process’s organization if not specified;
  • name - name of the secret;
  • password - (optional) password for password-protected secrets. Accepts literal values only, expressions are not supported.

An example of a git import using custom authentication:

  - git:
      url: "https://github.com/me/my_private_repo.git"
        name: "my_secret_key"