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A repository is defined within a project and defines a connection to a git repository. The git repository contains the Concord file that defines the workflows and more configuration using the Concord DSL

Repositories are configured within a project in the Concord Console and listed in the Repositories tab.


A repository can be enabled or disabled and this staus is displayed as an icon.


The name of the repository in Concord.

Repository URL

The git URL to he repository.

Branch/Commit ID

The branch name or he commit identifier of the git repository, defaults to master.


The relative path in the repository to the Concord YML file and other resources, defaults to /.


The secret used to access the repository.


The right side of the list displays an action button, which can be used to start various operations.

  • Run: Start a process with a dedicated dialog to provide further details.
  • Validate: Load and validate the concord.yml and related Concord files.
  • Triggers: Show a list of configured triggers
  • Refresh: Reload the content of the repository.
  • Delete: Delete the Concord repository definition.