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Lock Task

The lock and unlock tasks provide methods to allow exclusive execution between one or more running Concord processes.


To be able to use the task in a Concord flow, it must be added as a dependency:

    - mvn://com.walmartlabs.concord.plugins.basic:lock-tasks:1.103.0

This adds the task to the classpath and allows you to invoke it in any flow.


  • name - string, lock name used across processes to match exclusivity
  • scope - string, scope to apply exclusivity. One of PROJECT, ORG

Acquire and Release Lock

Acquire a lock in order to execute mutually exclusive steps across individual processes across a Concord Project or Organization. For example, deployments to a particular environment may need to be blocked while an existing deployment or integration testing is active.

# acquire lock so it's safe to deploy
- task: lock
    name: my-app-deployment
    scope: PROJECT

# perform the deployment...

# release lock
- task: unlock
    name: my-app-deployment
    scope: PROJECT


If the process does not immediately acquire a lock, then it suspends execution until the lock is acquired. Temporary files in the working directory created at runtime are cleaned up when processes suspend and resume. If set, suspendTimeout settings apply.

Exclusive process configuration is preferable to locking at runtime due to the more straightforward application of exclusivity. The lock task enables mutual exclusivity across disparate workflow repositories.