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Secrets are protected information associated with an organization. Secrets are created with the Concord Console or the API, and can be used from a Concord flow.

A number of different secrets are supported.

  • SSH keys signed by the Concord Server
  • files containing secrets
  • username/password combinations
  • password values

Concord UI allows several changes to be made to a secret if the user has either WRITER or higher access to it -

Move Secret to a Different Organization

A secret, after it is created in an organization, can be moved to a different organization to which the user must have access to (WRITER or above).

This can be done with the Concord Console or by using the REST API.

  1. Login to the Console of your Concord instance


  2. Navigate to the settings tab of the secret to be moved.

    Organizations -> Select Organization -> Select Secret -> Settings


  3. Scroll down to Danger Zone and enter the Organization name to which the secret has to be moved to, and select it.

    current organization


    changed organization


    Click on Move.

  4. A Pop-up appears for confirmation. Enter the current secret name in the text box and click on Yes.


    Read the message in the Pop-up carefully before clicking on Yes.

Following these steps will move the selected secret to another organization and redirect to the changed secret URL path.


  • For repositories using the selected secret in the current organization, the secret will no longer be accessible.
  • If the selected secret is scoped to a project, the mapping will be removed as the project will not be available in the new organization. The scoped project can also be moved to the same organization if required (refer here for more details).

Update Secret Owner or Project OR Delete Secret


Similar to the process described here, except these activities require OWNER access. Please be careful.