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Running Flows


Note: this feature is still under active development. All features described here are subject to change.

Note: this feature supports only concord-v2 flows. The CLI tool forces the runtime parameter value to concord-v2.

The CLI tool can run Concord flows locally:

# concord.yml
    - log: "Hello!"
$ concord run
21:23:45.951 [main] Hello!

By default, concord run copies all files in the current directory into a $PWD/target directory – similarly to Maven.

The concord run command doesn’t use a Concord Server, the flow execution is purely local. However, if the flow uses external resources (such as dependencies or imports) a working network connection might be required.

Supported features:

Features that are currently not supported:


By default, Concord CLI uses a local file-based storage to access secrets used in flows.

For example, when running a flow like this:

# concord.yml
    - log: "${crypto.exportAsString('myOrg', 'mySecretString', null)}"

Concord CLI looks for a $HOME/.concord/secrets/myOrg/mySecretString file and returns its content.

For key pair secrets Concord CLI looks for two files:

  • $HOME/.concord/secrets/$ORG_NAME/$SECRET_NAME (private key)
  • $HOME/.concord/secrets/$ORG_NAME/$SECRET_NAME.pub (public key)

Note: currently, all secret values stored without encryption. Providing a password in the crypto task arguments makes no effect.

The CLI tool also supports the crypto.decryptString method, but instead of decrypting the provided string, the string is used as a key to look up the actual value in a “vault” file.

The default value file is stored in the $HOME/.concord/vaults/default directory and has very simple key-value format:

key = value

Let’s take this flow as an example:

    - log: "${crypto.decryptString('ZXhhbXBsZQ==')}"

When executed, it looks for the ZXhhbXBsZQ== key in the vault file and returns the associated value.

$ cat $HOME/.concord/vaults/default
ZXhhbXBsZQ\=\= = hello!

$ concord run
21:52:07.221 [main] hello!


Concord CLI supports flow dependencies.

By default, dependencies cached in $HOME/.concord/depsCache/.

For Maven dependencies Concord CLI uses Maven Central repository by default.


Concord CLI supports flow imports.

For example:

# concord.yml
  - git:
      url: "https://github.com/walmartlabs/concord.git"
      path: "examples/hello_world"

When executed it produces:

$ concord run
21:58:37.918 [main] Hello, Concord!

By default, Concord CLI stores a local cache of git imports in $HOME/.concord/repoCache/$URL.